Joshua Clottey

Joshua Clottey, the former IBF welterweight champion, claims to have excelled in school and regularly placed first or second in his class.

He claimed it was his individual choice to stop attending school in order to concentrate on boxing, yet he nevertheless attained some level of education.

He was quick to add, though, that he doesn't regret quitting school to pursue a different career.

“I excelled in school and received high marks. I once placed first or second in my class. Clottey said to Joy News' Prime Take, “I was able to complete JHS, and I comprehend when others speak English, and I can react.”

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“We have life knowledge and education knowledge, and I have that.” Even if you complete your Master's degree, you still need to learn new things in life.

“I wanted to succeed because I dropped out of school, therefore as a boxer, I have to make sure that I win the world title.

“Dropping out of school to become a world champion is roughly equivalent to obtaining a Master's in education. So that I never feel humiliated of leaving school, he said “.