Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, recently revealed a thrilling encounter with Sm4Lyf leader .

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, however, said in a funny interview with Kingdom FM that the musician once blew something unpleasant into his eyes during one of their meetings.

When Shatta Wale hugged me, he really blew it into my eyes. I asked Shatta, “Why did you do that?” He claimed that he did it in the car on a lesser scale.

Even though it was clear from the manner in which Shatta Wale delivered it that the material was unpleasant, the man of God chose not to reveal what Shatta Wale had blown into his eyes.

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This was mentioned by Dr. Lawrence Tetteh during one of his radio talks about the significance of having a spiritual father in one's life.

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He views Shatta Wale as his spiritual son, who constantly gives him embraces and serves him with enthusiasm.

“But, the thrill with which they do it. Shatta is clutching my bag while I travel across London, and for him, it is exciting. And I'm aware that he's also seeing a famous person,” he added.

He claimed that because of their friendship, the artist could readily speak into his life.

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“They watched me on TV when they had no dreams, or perhaps they had simply fantasized about being in the media one day before they suddenly found themselves there. Thus, you may readily intervene in their lives,” explained Dr. Lawrence Tetteh.

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