Nana Aba Anamoah

, general manager of Ghone, claims that there are no drawbacks to being a female Ghanaian.

According to her, women in the country only become flawed when they are dating the wrong kind of guy.

She stated on Joy FM's Super Morning Show that while perfection does not call for improvement, asking female partners to do so will be suspect.

“Ghanaian ladies are flawless; the only time you'll notice any flaws is when we're dating the wrong man.” What enhancement would you seek if you were with a caring woman? “What do you mean by more caring?” she questioned.

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Why do you think I need more responsibility if you have a woman who takes responsibility? I ask.

“That depends on the man in the relationship; if I'm supportive and you're not, you shouldn't expect me to be forever; at some point, my support will disappear. You can't have your cake and eat it too; you can't demand so much of someone while offering them little in return.

“You're in a relationship with a man, and she just keeps giving and giving, and he does nothing; he's simply at ease with the woman giving everything, and he's not doing anything about it.”

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