Grace Ashy, the veteran Ghanaian gospel musician, has advised Ghanaians to show tolerance or refrain from making negative remarks about gospel musicians when their problems are brought up in public.

She claims that since gospel performers are not angels, they likewise lead regular lives.

You have no idea the suffering that gospel musicians endure, so I'll beg Ghanaians to be more respectful of them. She remarked, “We are not angels; we are humans.”

She was discussing the struggles gospel performers face in order to become successful in the eyes of people with the authority to support them in creating their brands.

She claimed that when problems are brought to light, the way others discuss them or the parties involved deters them from taking action.

She also saw that individuals told celebrities how to live their life and what to do, claiming that people should just go about their daily business without trying to win over other people.

Let's live normal lives and refrain from taking actions that may strain our finances, she remarked.