Kuami Eugene And Richie Mensah
Kuami Eugene And Richie Mensah

Kuami Eugene recalled his first experience drinking alcohol and going to a club in a recent “Striped” interview with Sika Osei.

Kuami Eugene claims that the first time he drank was when his manager, Richie Mensah, brought him to a club and persuaded him that it was pleasant to drink.

He said the drink wasn’t as sweet as Richie had made it seem, though, after taking a sip.

Richie and I were there when I first visited the club. Richie was the reason I had ever been to a club, and he was the reason I had ever drunk alcohol. Then he said, “Well, taste it; it’s good.” after mixing it. I gave it a shot, but I was like, “Arh, this man, this thing.”

Eugene replied that he now goes to clubs on his own when asked if his boss had always taken him there.

He claimed that since he does not frequent clubs, he frequents bars like Blue Moon.

He added, “Now he doesn’t take me there anymore; I go by myself, but I’m not really a club type; I go once a year.

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