Respect should be shown to every woman for the hard work they put in, according to well-known Nigerian actress and philanthropist Jalade Ekiende.

According to the Nigerian actress, every woman who toils diligently to provide for her family and herself deserves the appropriate respect and recognition.

Omotola made an appearance as a special guest at Nana Aba Anamoah, the Ghanaian media personality who hosted the just concluded Women of Valor.

After sharing what she had experienced in order to inspire other women, Omotola emphasized that all devoted women should be treated with respect.

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“Women need to be acknowledged for the hard work that they do, the contributions that they make, and the expressions that women have made, you know, in their lives,” she remarked. If you come across a woman who puts in a lot of effort, praise her for it and make sure she receives your appreciation.

However, Omotola also pointed out that it is unfair and needs to stop when people assume that a woman “slept her way through” her accomplishments. This perception is one that some people have whenever a fellow employee succeeds.

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