Prince Bright

Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame has admitted that he was unable to cope with Ronny Coaches' death, who was also his buddy and sibling and with whom he had a music group.

revealed that the loss of his colleague Ronny affected him extremely and that he has still not fully healed during an interview with Becky on the E-Vibes USA Series.

“Ronny's passing shocked me a lot. When he was in Ghana, I didn't miss him all that much since I knew he could travel here at any moment and hang out with me. The fact that this individual won't be able to fit into the size 30s I will buy him in the stores made his passing very painful for me, he added.

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When I want him to, he won't be able to join me for meals. He won't be the supportive father figure he always was for me. My everyday activities are focused on Ronny. I will admit that after losing him, I went completely wild,” he said.

According to Prince Bright, “I literally lost my mind since this was someone who has been there for me when nobody else has. I was devastated when Ronny left me. I don't believe I've yet managed to regain myself.

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