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In a recent interview with Zion Felix, Ghanaian socialite and actress revealed that whenever she finds herself in a sticky situation, she usually tells her twin sons, James and John Heerdegen Geilling.

The controversial comedian claims that because of the way she raises her children, her kids cannot be affected by criticism or unfavorable press.

  When I mess up, I do tell James and John because I raised them as my brothers. They are the first people I inform when I make mistakes or fail, as well as when I succeed. Those are the first ones I cry to when I'm in tears… We are growing up together, in my opinion. When I gave birth, I was 20 years old. “I don't keep anything from them secret because we were friends growing up,” Afia admitted.

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“I'm going to make mistakes.” If I can't keep them to myself, who else will keep them to myself? They now understand that their mother is human and that I am not superhuman, which is the nicest gift I could have given them and myself. How do your children feel, people ask? They are aware of my sincere mistakes, and whenever I make them, I sit them down and apologize. “Since everyone knows me, I'm not even afraid of what others may think of me,” Afia Schwarzenegger said in closing.

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