Kobi Rana, the movie actor, dancer, musician, and producer, lost his composure and accused blogger Nkonkonsa of defamation over a post the blogger wrote about him.

With regard to a post Nkonkonsa wrote about him that he didn't like, has dragged him on his Instagram page. The next time Nkokonsah tweets “crap” about him, will threaten to leak his secret online.

Kobi Rana slammed bloggers in a post he uploaded on his Instagram page, claiming that since he began producing his films, none of these bloggers and content producers have promoted them instead of tweeting negative things about him.

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Kobi Rana and Nkonkonsa have previously engaged in online combat. Recall that Nkonkon and Kobi Rana had a fight the previous year. The Ghanaian blogger was attacked and mocked on social media as a result of Kobi Rana's outburst.

While Kobi Rana is being dragged into his page, it appears like Nkonkonsa has stomped on his tail once more. He stated on his website that he would provide the blogger with a justification to go do a DNA test on the child he had with his wife, Lebane.

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