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, the well-known actor in Ghana known by the stage name “Pusher,” was interviewed by Sika Osei on the “Stripped by Sika Osei” program on Lynx TV. He disclosed that his wife frequently compliments him on his excellent performance in bed.

When questioned if s.ex gets boring in marriage, Adjetey responded that it never gets boring or worse because his wife just complimented him on being better in bed as their marital years have grown.

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The movie actor added that having s.ex should be a progressive process that may even start with a talk rather than only occurring after partners enter the bedroom. He claims that when he first married his wife Elorm, he was unaware of this since he believed that having children and having sex were the only duties he had to fulfill.

In the interview, the well-known actor explained that his wife, with whom he has been married for almost 16 years, views him as a se.x god.

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He further underlined that his wife continues to delight him with unexpected embraces and kind words as a way of expressing her gratitude for the excellent job he does in bed.

Also, he counseled long-married couples to practice patience and relaxation in their sexual interactions.


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