Counselor Charlotte Oduro from Ghana discussed the characteristics of a mature man and the value of considering traits other than physical attractiveness while looking for a spouse in a recent interview with Abeiku Santana.

The counselor underlined that a mature guy is someone who understands his vision and knows where he is going in life.

Any mature man—not the one searching for bottoms and breasts—who understands his vision and knows where he is going in life is beyond that, she remarked.

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She continued by saying that an unadulterated man is one who is just concerned with physical features like buttocks and breasts.

To be clear, Hallelujah if God grants you male characteristics like buttocks and breasts. But finding a lifelong companion is not about having attractive buttocks and breasts.

She explained to Abeiku that having breasts and buttocks is currently a priority among women.

She emphasized that although having physical characteristics like buttocks and breasts is not a bad thing, it shouldn't be the main consideration when seeking a spouse to start a life with.


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