According to , Sister Deborah, his ex-fiancée, was taken aback when he called her for the first time after they split up for a feature and has revealed how his wife reacted to the feature. 

Many Ghanaians were surprised by the appearance of the ex-lovers since they did not anticipate the two former sweethearts writing a song together after their romance ended.

However, Medikal revealed during a Kingdom FM interview in Accra that he never had a specific person in mind for the song before it was recorded.

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However, as he was working on the track, he decided to include Sister Deborah since he thought the song deserved her vibe.

He said, “I'm not at loggerheads with ,” when asked if it was challenging to convince her to feature. Although we dated and things did not work out, this does not indicate that we are in conflict. She was astonished when I gave her a call for the first time in a very long time. She then requested the song, heard it, and emailed me her verse.

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On the question of whether his wife objected to him recording with his ex, Medikal responded, “My wife was cool with the decision.” She was cool, saying, “Because it's business, we should approach it as such.”


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