Fella and Medikal
Medikal and Fella Makafui

On Abeiku Santana's show on Okay FM, the Ghanaian rapper Samuel Medikal Frimpong clarified the rumors surrounding his marriage.

He was asked about his marriage to Fella Makafui during his media appearances to promote his new album, Planning, and Plotting.

In response to persistent rumors that his wife had left the couple's marital residence with their daughter, Island Frimpong, and had filed for divorce, Abeiku Santana questioned him. Also, some Ghanaians have wondered why was never seen wearing a wedding band.

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In response, Medikal said that ever since he and Fella Makafui got married, he has never worn his wedding band. Further explaining, he said that even if he were to wear it, he wouldn't do it constantly.

He explained that timepieces are not always worn by their owners by using the example of a watch.

He said that just because he was frequently spotted without his wedding band, that did not necessarily signal that his marriage was in trouble.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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