In a recent interview, the legendary dancehall musician from Ghana, Livingstone Etse Satekla, better known as Stonebwoy, said he didn't understand why there isn't a stable administration in Ghana.

He finds it concerning that over time, governments have undertaken new projects at the expense of the taxpayers while relegating other ones they had inherited.

The musician stated, “What disturbs me most is that when a government takes office, they commence many initiatives, start some, get some halfway through, finish some, and then come the next one, and they turn back on what is meant to continue.”

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“In my country, you have the former president who built a lot of infrastructure, like the schools, the new airport terminal we have, and he built a lot of hospitals, and you find out that in that political scheme, the new president comes in and also establishes a lot of good ideas, like the free education that he brought, but then the school buildings that were built by the former president are not in use,” he continued. They are only vacant.


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