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Don’t Wear Designer Clothes If You Don’t Support LGBTQ -Sister Derby



Sister Derby

African Mermaid Sister Derby, the prominent advocate for the LGBTQ community in Ghana, has reaffirmed her position on various topics pertaining to the LGBTQ population in Ghana.

While she has been seen numerous times reprimanding opponents of the same-sex community, 's support for the rights of the LGBTQ community is no secret.

The “Kakalika” hitmaker, though, was recently caught on camera discussing the motivations behind her pro-gay campaigning during a podcast session.

asserted that the majority of investors and prosperous showbiz stakeholders are LGBTQ people to support her claim.

She claimed that because the majority of well-known fashion companies are run by “queer folks,” everyone who disagrees with them should stop wearing their products.

“I have a great deal of empathy, so I am passionate enough.” Second, the majority of the people driving change in my field are LGBTQ individuals. Even the concept that it is a community bothers me. How did it become a community? We're all just people, right? I fail to understand why it ought to be any different.

“The best hair and makeup artists and fashion designers.” Let's imagine that 99% of the world's leading fashion designers are lesbian or gay. Thus, if you are against queer people, please stop wearing fancy labels, she said in a “Sincerely Accra” podcast.



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