In an effort to beat the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, Hilda Baci, a 27-year-old Nigerian chef, cooked constantly for 100 hours yesterday.

Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, well known as , has ventured to challenge Hilda Baci's Guinness World Record for cooking continuously for the longest period of time.

In 2019, an Indian cook named Lata Tondon set the previous record, which was exceeded by Hilda Baci. According to the leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach, also known as the Movement in Ghana, he has been cooking for more than 86 hours without being noticed due to the cooking ritual associated with his church. The previous titleholder cooked for 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 seconds.

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I heard a Nigerian lady broke a cooking record of 86 hours. This is even small. I am coming to cook for one-week nonstop. Mine is not even gas, I will be using firewood, one week with cameras on me,” he said in a video shared on his Instagram page.