Kofi Kinaata

In a recent interview with 3Music TV, Ghanaian music superstar talked about how much his music has impacted people's lives. He acknowledged that the reason he creates music is not just for financial gain but also for the enjoyment of his fans. Kinaata went on to say that he is content that his music has made a significant difference in people's lives.

Kinaata claims that there have been instances when unidentified callers sobbed into his phone in the wee hours of the morning as a result of being emotionally moved by his music. These admirers conveyed their gratitude and mentioned how his songs helped them cope with their difficulties. He claimed that due to the content and music of songs like Susuka and Confession, a lot of emotions were evoked in listeners.

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According to Kinaata, what is most important to him is his personal connection to his listeners and how his music might improve their lives rather than simply becoming well-known and succeeding on the charts.

Kinaata is still modest and grateful for his devoted following despite his growing notoriety. His continued inspiration to write songs that connects with them comes from their continuous support.

Source: DklassGh.com