Obaapa Christy
Obaapa Christy

Gospel singer has recalled the time she first began performing in churches.

The ‘Glory' singer claimed she received payment of Gh10, which was made up of torn Gh1 notes, while speaking to Amansan Krakye on Property FM in Cape Coast.

She admitted, “It was sometimes difficult to be paid after the event when I first started performing at churches at the beginning of my career when no one really knew me.

After giving a performance at the church, I occasionally had to walk back home, and I clearly recall being paid with one cedi at the time.

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I was paid with the torn one-cedi notes, which were roughly 10 cedis, when the church may have finished counting the money they received after the service.

After receiving her 10 cedis payment, she said on the program, “I used some of the money to buy food to satisfy my hunger, and after I had to walk back the distance to wherever I came from, which was very hectic.”

Source: DklassGh.com