The comedian recently voiced his real wish to follow his colleagues' advancement in the film industry in an interview with Zion Felix on a YouTube channel.

He believes that their success is far more significant than their struggle and dependence on others to meet their basic needs.

Likee stated that his main goal is to uplift and encourage his fellow performers and make sure they do not have financial difficulties while working in the film industry.

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He admitted that, despite becoming famous at an early age, he is not motivated by personal acclaim. He is instead driven by his buddies' success and happiness.

To demonstrate his viewpoint, he offered an example: “For instance, suppose we meet at a funeral and your brother is not at work. He'll be saying, “Nana Sei, can you find me something small?”

He continued by saying that he works to foster an atmosphere in which everyone in the sector may live well and in financial security.

“You see, I've been known as Ras Nene since I was a young child, but I always say it's not about the celebrity, it's about my friends… But as you may have observed, everybody is doing OK. Shifo, Kumasi, and I are all walking freely, as is Kolege. See, everything is OK. Therefore, if I contact you to come work and you don't have money, we will assist you.