Pamela Watara Flaunts Her Boyfriend On Social Media

Ghanaian socialite Pamela Odame Watara has discussed her extended hiatus from social media in an interview with One Ghana TV. She also shared the tragic cause of it.

Because of her voluminous breasts, Pamela attracted a lot of attention and fame, but she abruptly stopped appearing online, which caused her skits to be put on pause.

After having children, she admitted that she needed some time to reflect on her life.

Pamela made the difficult choice to completely discontinue her social media profile due to worries for her health and that of her infant; nevertheless, her son had died just three months after delivery.

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When he died, my son was just two or three months old. My baby daddy and I did not have it easy,” she admitted.

As a new mother, Pamela highlighted the close link she had developed with her son, making his passing a deeply traumatic experience that had an impact on her mental and emotional health.

She lost a lot of weight as a result of this loss’s significant effects.

“I dramatically reduced my weight. Although it was incredibly difficult, you just have to accept it and carry on with your life. “What lies ahead is preferable to what has passed,” she declared.

Pamela stressed the significance of accepting the situation and going on with life while acknowledging the enormous challenge.