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Remi Lucidi Biography, Parents, Wife, Children, Siblings, Net Worth



Daredevil Remi Lucidi

Bio, Parents, Wife, Children, Siblings, Net Worth: , better known on social media as Remi Enigma was a French daredevil stunt photographer known for skyscraper climbs.

He was also known for climbing on high-rise buildings across the world including in Bulgaria, Colombia, France, Dubai, and Poland.

The renowned French daredevil, Remi Lucidi hit major headlines in July 2023 following his sudden demise during a stunt.

Lucidi died after falling from the 68th floor of the Tregunter Tower in Hong Kong. He was climbing the building when the incident happened and was confirmed to be dead on the spot.

According to several online sources, the Frenchman had arrived at the Tregunter Tower on the evening of Thursday, July 27 after telling a security guard he was visiting a friend.

However, the resident denied knowing Lucidi, which triggered a search for him. According to CCTV footage, a security guard tried to stop him but the man had already made his way to the top.

Lucidi made his way to the top, reaching the 49th floor by the lift before taking the stairs to the top. He was last seen knocking on the building's windows, calling a maid for help before he fell to his death.

Lucidi died at 30 on Thursday, July 27, 2023, after falling from the 68-floor of the Tregunter Tower complex, in Hong Kong. Authorities found his camera at the scene, which contained videos of his other stunts.

Lucidi is said to have walked around the top of a similar tower block in Hong Kong, just inches from the edge. He had already climbed high-rise buildings in Bulgaria, Colombia, France, Dubai, and Poland.

At the time of this report, the family was planning her final funeral arrangement and the details are yet to be finalized. We will keep you updated.

Remi Lucidi Biography

Remi Lucidi, aka Remi Enigma (age:30, February 23, 1993 to July 30, 2023), was a French climber famous for scaling skyscrapers and other tall structures worldwide.

He was only 30 when tragedy struck on July 30, 2023. His passion for extreme sports and climbing led him to various daring feats, such as climbing cranes, bridges, pylons, and even transmitters.

In Hong Kong's upscale Mid-Levels area, Remi set his sights on the Tregunter Tower, a towering residential block standing at an impressive 721 feet. He made it all the way up to the 68th floor, but unfortunately, this would be his last climb.

Moments before the fatal fall, Remi was seen banging on the windows of the Tregunter Tower complex. It's believed he was attempting to seek help or attention from someone inside.

Hong Kong officials revealed that a security guard at the building tried to stop Remi when he claimed he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, but he managed to go higher up the building.

Tragically, Remi lost his footing while attempting to continue his ascent and fell from the 68th floor. He died instantly due to the impact.

Remi Lucidi Age

Remi Lucidi's date of birth is unknown at this time of writing. However, he died in July 2023 at the age of 30. This means he was born in either 1992 or 1993 depending on the month of birth.

Remi Lucidi Height & Weight

Remi Lucidi's height and weight are unknown at this time of writing.

Remi Lucidi Parents

Remi Lucidi, also known as Remi Enigma was best known for his daring stunts on social media. Though he's famous, there's no relevant information regarding his parents as their name, date of birth, age, and occupation are unknown at this time of writing.

Remi Lucidi Wife

Lucidi often shared nail-biting footage of his elaborate stunts with his Instagram followers. Apart from his stunt life, the Frenchman hardly opened up about his private life hence at this time of writing, there's no information regarding his love life.

Remi Lucidi Children

The 30-year-old French daredevil could have children. However, owing to the fact that Remi Lucidi kept his private life away from the spotlight, we have no information on whether he was a father of biological or adopted children.

Remi Lucidi Siblings

Remi Lucidi never shared any information regarding his siblings hence we can't state whether or not he's the only child of his parents. There are no records about that.

Remi Lucidi Net Worth

Remi Lucidi's net worth is unknown at this time of writing.

Remi Lucidi Social Media

Remi Lucidi had an Instagram account with over 6,000 followers. The late French daredevil was very active on this social media platform and often shared nail-biting footage of his elaborate stunts with his followers.

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