Ohemaa Mercy
Ohemaa Mercy

Ghanaian gospel artist, , has revealed that throughout her 16-year music career, she has received a mere sum of 300 cedis in royalties from GHAMRO (Ghana Music Rights Organization).

, the celebrated artist known for chart-toppers like “Wobeye kese” and “Ote Memu,” recently shed light on the challenges confronting numerous musicians within the Ghanaian music industry. In an interview with Ghanaweekend, she disclosed a disheartening revelation – that she has received a meager sum of only 300 cedis as royalty payment since 2007.

This revelation casts a troubling spotlight on the transparency and accountability of GHAMRO, the organization tasked with safeguarding musicians' rights and managing their royalty collections.

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This startling disclosure raises profound concerns, given that artists rely on these royalties to sustain their creative endeavors and livelihoods. The imperative lies in GHAMRO's duty to ensure equitable compensation for artists' diligent efforts.

In her interview, Ohemaa Mercy expressed her exasperation over the inadequate infrastructure for proper royalty distribution, leading to her financial hardships. She underscored that her sole payment of GH¢300 in 2007 remains the solitary transaction from the royalties-sharing entity.

Ohemaa Mercy passionately advocated for a revamp of the royalty collection and distribution mechanisms, highlighting the paramount importance of transparency, accountability, and comprehensive reforms. She further called for a rigorous evaluation of the entire system to effectively address this critical issue.

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Source: Dklassgh.com