Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Akumaa Mama Zimbi, the broadcaster for Adom TV and FM, cautioned young people against falling passionately in love with someone when they make a proposal while speaking with Berla Mundi during a TV3 interview.

She claimed that most women are taken in by men's deceptive offers since they are simply looking for s3x and not lasting relationships that may end in marriage.

Young women should be aware of their value and avoid letting sex-obsessed guys take advantage of them, she implied.

In order to avoid falling passionately in love with males when they are seduced into partnerships, young ladies should exercise caution, according to .

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“You're crazy because I said I loved you; do you understand? No, she cried.

“It shouldn't be that way. The best person to know is you. You are a really lovely woman, as my parents informed me when I was little. Your lips, teeth, nose, and eyes are all lovely. Therefore, don't allow anyone to tell you that they will sleep with you as a result of this.

She counseled the young ladies to be satisfied with the support they receive from their parents in order to avoid being seduced by money into partnerships.

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