The ‘Sakawa lads', who are frequently linked to cybercrime, may actually be Ghana's unsung heroes, according to Ghanaian artist Wanlov the . He argues that, unlike certain politicians, these people may truly be making a contribution to their families and communities despite their contentious actions.

Wanlov recognises that Sakawa boys are often viewed as criminals in his interview with Nkonkonsa TV. He does note, though, that they obtain resources from the West and use them to support their close-knit families and local communities.

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The Sakawa guys strike me as Ghana's most sane citizens. The only persons assisting Ghana, their family, or anyone else are them. They do take resources produced in the west and use them on themselves, their close relatives, and their community, despite the fact that they are perceived as criminals, he said.

He claims that this stands in stark contrast to politicians who allegedly borrow money from international organisations like the IMF, frequently without any intention of repaying it, and use it for their own personal gain at the expense of Ghanaian residents.

Source: DklassGh.net