Kose and Shito
Kose and Shito

It's obvious that a lot of fans have been waiting to know the real inspiration between the names of the Ghanaian comedy duo, and Shito.

In the world of laughter and comedic brilliance, the dynamic duo of Shito and has undoubtedly carved a unique and vibrant space. Their infectious humor and undeniable camaraderie have endeared them to audiences far and wide. Behind their onstage antics, however, lies an intriguing tale that often goes untold—the origin of their quirky stage names.

In a recent interview on Joy Prime, the two revealed how they both got their names and think they fit the roles they play in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. The comedic pair shed light on the fascinating anecdotes that led to the adoption of their distinctive names. While to many, these names might seem like whimsical choices, there exists a deeper narrative that reflects their personal journeys and the essence of their comedic partnership.

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First, explaining his name, Tony popularly known as Shito, revealed to the presenter that he derived his name actually when he was in hi school but didn't pay attention to it.. However, when he was out doing comedy, he comedy, he needed to revisit and bring back the name he rejected for his senior high school days; however, he revealed that his skin color also influenced the name.

Promise Lumor, known as Kose, on the other hand, revealed he was named Kose by his other colleague when they were coming up and had their first show gig. However, he needed to get a name, so in the morning before the show, Promise revealed he went out to buy some hausa porridge and ‘koose', and when he was about to eat, his counterpart, Tony, better known as Shito, teasingly said the Koose resembles him, and he decided to call himself Kose.

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