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“How the making of ‘Timeless’ album healed me



Davido opens up about how creating 'Timeless' Album became a healing process following tragic loss
  • Davido shares how crafting ‘Timeless’ in the intimate setting of his home became a healing process following the tragic loss of his son.
  • According to him, most of the album was recorded in his home, creating a serene atmosphere with the presence of his wife, her sisters, and close friends.
  • Despite personal grief, Davido aimed for ‘Timeless’ to be appreciated for its musical merit rather than solely linked to his loss. He intentionally filtered out some of the initially recorded 28 songs.
  • Davido reveals he found concentration most effectively while on a plane.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1, acclaimed Nigerian singer Davido disclosed that the creation of his latest album, ‘Timeless,’ served as a healing process for him.

The album, which was released on March 31, 2023, marked Davido’s poignant return to the music scene after the heartbreaking loss of his young son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, on October 31, 2022.

Davido opened up about the intimate setting in which he crafted most of the album, emphasizing that the majority of the recording took place in his home alongside his wife and her sisters.

I actually recorded most of the album in my house where I live with my wife. At the time, it was really only me, her and her sisters, and I had one of my boys staying with me. It gave me time to really calm down. It was a healing process because I was happy to be making music. I was excited about it. I felt like an artiste that had just got a record deal,” Davido shared during the interview.

Despite the personal tragedy he endured, Davido revealed that he approached the album with the intention of it being appreciated on its artistic merits rather than being solely associated with the grief of losing his son.

He disclosed that he initially recorded 28 songs for the album but deliberately filtered out some, ensuring that ‘Timeless’ stands on its own musical prowess.

The singer also unveiled a unique aspect of his creative process, stating that he found the ability to concentrate most effectively when he was on a plane.

In addition to discussing his album, Davido touched upon his upcoming ‘Are We African Yet’ festival scheduled for November 18 in Atlanta.

“I want to give (different artistes) the opportunity to come every year and perform. They actually have fans here but they don’t know. With the Internet, all one has to do is ‘drop’ a song out on TikTok, and it’s gone (goes viral).

“I feel like we have to own our culture. We cannot wait for somebody else to bring the idea. We have to do this ourselves.”

“The vision I have is to create it to be something for the culture, not particularly mine. The first few editions will hold in Atlanta, but we will definitely move it around to places such as Los Angeles and Toronto (Canada).”

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