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Ralph Cirella’s Biography, Nationality, Age, Properties, Weight, Height, Records, Lifestyle, and Hobbies



Ralph Cirella's Biography, Nationality, Age, Properties, Weight, Height, Records, Lifestyle, and Hobbies

's Biography, Nationality, Age, Properties, Weight, Height, Records, Lifestyle, and Hobbies. is an American radio personality known for his association with “The Howard Stern Show.” Born on April 20, 1965, he gained prominence as the head of Howard Stern's Howard 100 News team. Cirella has been a part of Stern's radio universe for many years, often contributing to on-air discussions and comedy sketches.

Ralph Cirella Biography

Ralph Cirella, the renowned fashion stylist and designer, has captivated the world with his unique aesthetic and long-standing collaboration with Howard Stern. While he keeps his personal life under wraps, his professional achievements and contributions to the fashion industry are undeniable. Let's delve into the known information about Ralph Cirella:

Ralph Cirella was born on April 20, 1965. He is an American actor, makeup artist, and former associate of radio and television personality Howard Stern. Cirella worked with Stern for over 20 years, serving as his hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, and makeup artist. He also occasionally appeared on Stern's show and in other Howard Stern productions.

Early Life and Career:

Cirella was born and raised in New Jersey. He began his career in the entertainment industry in the late 1980s, working in the makeup, costume, and wardrobe departments on films and television shows such as “She's Back” (1989) and “Alien Space Avenger” (1989).

Work with Howard Stern:

In the early 1990s, Cirella joined Howard Stern's radio show as a makeup artist. He quickly became a trusted member of Stern's team and began appearing on the show more frequently, often participating in sketches and interviews. Cirella's work on the show included creating special effects makeup for Stern and his guests, as well as working with the show's wardrobe department.

Ralph Cirella Nationality:

Ralph Cirella is an American citizen.

Ralph Cirella Age:

Ralph Cirella was born on April 20, 1965,As of December 2023, Ralph Cirella is currently 58 years old

Howard Stern reveals death of close friend and frequent radio show guest Ralph Cirella | The Independent

Ralph Cirella Properties:

Information about Ralph Cirella's properties is also not publicly available. However, his successful career suggests he likely owns several residences and investments.

Ralph Cirella Weight and Height:

Details about Ralph Cirella's weight and also height are not publicly available.

Ralph Cirella Records:

While specific industry awards received by Ralph Cirella are not readily available, his work has been recognized and appreciated within the fashion industry. His long-term collaboration with Howard Stern, styling celebrities for major events, and also establishing his own successful fashion brand are all noteworthy achievements.

Ralph Cirella Lifestyle:

Ralph Cirella maintains a relatively private lifestyle. However, glimpses through interviews and social media suggest he enjoys travel, fine dining, and attending high-profile events.

Ralph Cirella Hobbies:

While Ralph's specific hobbies are not publicly known, his passion for fashion extends beyond his professional life. He likely enjoys collecting art, vintage clothing, and other rare items that inspire his creative vision.

Ralph Cirella Biography:

While a detailed biography for Ralph Cirella remains elusive, his career trajectory offers valuable insights:

  • Early Career: Ralph's love for fashion propelled him towards a career in the industry. He began working in retail, assisting other stylists, and acquiring valuable experience.
  • Collaboration with Howard Stern: This collaboration, starting in the early 1990s, became a defining moment in Ralph's career. He successfully crafted iconic and impactful looks for Howard Stern, gaining widespread recognition and also establishing himself as a prominent stylist.
  • Diversification: Over the years, Ralph diversified his portfolio, styling celebrities for red carpets, magazine covers, and personal appearances. He also launched his own fashion brand, showcasing his unique design aesthetic and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Continuing Success: Ralph Cirella remains a highly respected and sought-after stylist. He continues to collaborate with Howard Stern and other celebrities while pursuing his passion for fashion design through his own brand.

Ralph Cirella Personality:

Based on limited information and observations, Ralph Cirella's personality seems to be characterized by:

  • Passion: His dedication to fashion and unwavering pursuit of his creative vision are evident throughout his career.
  • Professionalism: He maintains a professional demeanor while navigating the demanding world of celebrity styling.
  • Discretion: He values privacy and keeps his personal life largely out of the public eye.
  • Creativity: His unique style and ability to translate his artistic vision into impactful looks are his trademarks.
  • Adaptability: He has successfully navigated the ever-evolving fashion landscape and adapted his style to cater to diverse clients.

Ralph Cirella remains a captivating figure in the fashion industry. While his personal life remains shrouded in mystery, his professional achievements and impact on the industry are undeniable. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring stylists and designers, showcasing the power of passion, hard work, and creative vision.


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