With the space of music in Ghana, more attention has been set on musicians from the capital neglecting the other regions. That notwithstanding has not stopped majority from other parts of the region specifically Volta to showcase their God given talents.

Due to the dominance from that domain, Tinalove Nayram,a blogger and promoter has expressed her joy about the hardwork of Volta artistes saying “I admire the hard work of Volta artistes”.

Tinalove Nayram who personally promotes Volta artistes in a post on Facebook has shown much anxiety over works in the region.

However in an exclusive interview with FN NEWS ONLINE, she stated of her many years of expertise in the music industry more on following the works of Volta Musicians.

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“I have personally followed artistes from Volta and have seen that, they are putting more effort into the industry. Volta Music Awards recently was more of an emlighment on their great works” – she disclosed.

She went ahead to congratulate artistes going beyond the boundaries of Volta to feature artistes from other regions and countries to keep selling Volta music to the world.

According to her, She believes an initiative from Musigha and body responsible for music affairs in the country won’t be bad for the Volta Musicians to win more.

Tinalove also acknowledged Pub Records for putting six artistes including Jessy GH, Kd Bakes, Lega, Spicer, Kasare and Fiamor on the  Agbanjo project.

She  also saluted Edem for featuring six other artistes on Godogodo which she believes has lifted the Volta music high and applaud Eventic GH and organizers of Volta Music Awards for delivering plaques to winners of 2018 Volta Music Awards.

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She is  hereby calling on all and sundry to be involved in making Volta Music Awards 2019 a successful one In subsequent years.

Volta Music has seen great talents over the period like EDEM, Hecta,  Agbeshie, JJ Gonami, Kasare, Kayrien, Remy J, Seyfame, Everyday, Priceless, JC Dyck, GospelTeacher and many others.