Afrane Frank, better known by his stage name Okese1, the Ghanaian rapper, has threatened to attack anyone who claims to be wealthy on social media because to their ‘audio money’ but can’t even claim to have constructed a home for themselves.

Rich people do not live in other people’s residences, according to Okese1, who is still at odds with his old buddy Medikal. Rich people own their own mansions and live luxuriously to the utmost.

The rapper, who claims to have bought his first automobile at the age of 18, issued a harsh warning to the men who flaunt their possessions on social media but do not own a home to stop doing so or he will personally track them down and smack them.

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He went further to say that the likes of him are those supposed to make such claims on social media because even their pieces of jewelry cost more than most of the cars being driven by these self-acclaimed millionaires on social media.

Well, many will presume he is indirectly throwing a shade at Medikal but for the record, Medikal owns about two houses and he is known to be one of the well-to-do rappers in the entertainment industry.

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