Asakaa boys
Asakaa boys

Asakaa Boys, the Kumasi-based music group, has begun to crack when two of its artists, City Boy and Kawabanga, opted to stay in the United States permanently and not return to Ghana.

When the Asakaa Boys released their hit track ‘Akatafoo,’ which went viral on the internet with many celebrities in Hollywood reacting to the song, they took the country and the globe by storm.

They later demonstrated to the globe and the Ghanaian music business that they are here to stay when they collaborated on the smash song ‘Sore’ with rookie rapper Yaw Tog, which gained a lot of views and attention.

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They solidified their position in the Ghanaian music business after releasing another popular song, ‘Condemn,’ which has received over 2.5 million views on microblogging site and music video streaming website YouTube.

Reggie, Jay Bahd, O’Kenneth, Bra Benk, Sean Lifer, Kwaku DMC, City Boy, Kawabanga, and more young and lively Kumasi rappers are all signed to the Life Living Record Label.

The group, which is responsible for hits such as ‘Condemn,’ ‘Agyeiwaa,’ ‘Ma Drip,’ ‘Abonten,’ ‘Buokrom,’ and others, recently embarked on a European and American tour, but two of the artists have chosen to reside in America and not return to Ghana.

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Archipalago made the announcement on Twitter, pleading for Ghanaians to be sympathetic of the two musicians’ decision.

He wrote: City Boy N Kawabanga say for their personal reasons they ain’t coming back to Ghana again but I believe in Jay Bahd, Reggie and OKenneth who just touched down in Ghana that they will hold the #Asakaa flag high back home as usual Please respect their decision!!! Thanks!


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