Saddick Adams
Saddick Adams

Saddick Adams, the award-winning sports journalist, claims that “Ahomka Wom,” a song by the now-defunct VIP music group, was more popular in some African countries than R2Bees’ biggest hit in Ghana.

VIP’s “Ahomka Wom” was one of the most popular songs back then. This song has earned them multiple honors, therefore it’s well worth our time to do a retrospective on it. Wizkid, the Nigerian musical legend, sampled the song for his single “Manya.”

R2Bees, on the other hand, is one of Ghana’s top music duos. Faisal Hakeem, nicknamed Omar Sterling, and Rashid Mugeez, called Mugeez, are two cousins from Tema who perform hip hop and hiplife. The trio was nominated for a BET Award in 2013, and they continue to have some of the most popular tunes on the streets today.

Saddick Adams has revealed on Twitter that V.I.P’s “Ahomka Wom” was considerably more popular in Africa than R2Bees’ best hit in Ghana.

He wrote; I love R2bees to bits. But I think Ahomka Wom by VIP was popular in Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone and most particularly Nigeria than R2bees biggest song was in Ghana. Isn’t it still the most sold album (cassette) till date Don’t argue on this if you’re below 30 years.


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