Media personality, , has finally surrendered to cultural and social media pressure after one netizen personally inboxed her to warn her that her biological clock was ticking. She went to social media to start looking for a spouse.

On the bright side, the famous TV presenter has begun looking for a partner who will sweep her off her feet and take her down the aisle, interpreting the guy’s admonition to settle down fast before it’s too late.

Berla suggested that any man who is attractive, unattached, and willing to mingle should send her an application letter.

To emphasize that she’s kidding, she stated that the person must be able to carry 10 packs of Luxuzade with their little finger in order to qualify automatically.

Project ‘No excuses’ officially activated. Are you single, handsome and available? Applications open 🤣🤣 Requirements: Must be able to carry 10 packs of Lucozade with his little finger!!!! 🤣🤣🤣