Blakk Rasta Joins Media General
Blakk Rasta

, the media personality and reggae singer, thinks 's collaboration with Bob Marley betrays the memory of the late musician and is disrespectful to his legacy.

Sarkodie only ruined Bob Marley's legacy with what he did. It is so awful. Sarkodie's actions amounted to nothing more than the defilement of the music king. “It's like after a king has been buried, you go and grab the riches and jewels he was buried with,” Blakk Rasta stated.

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“I chose not to talk about this since it pains me so much,” he continued. Sarkodie consented to being used to trample on Bob Marley's legacy. All these years, the one-way rap has continued. Sarkodie does one-way rap, but people are not yet ready to speak up about it.

“You can't love my music and Barry White's music,” Bob Marley reportedly declared when he was still alive, according to Blakk Rasta. Barry White was a very well-liked individual in his caucus. Bob Marley stood in his own right as a king. In the reggae community and beyond, he was a legend. Bob Marley not only sang reggae; he also gave it a cultural context.

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