Sonnie Badu

Like most people in the world, UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician Sonnie Badu is just confused by some stories in the Bible.

The gospel performer and preacher have used social media to inquire about their fans' knowledge of the identity of the biblical wife of Cain.

claims that he believed that God only created Adam and Eve, who later gave birth to Cain and Abel. As a result, he claims that he is unable to comprehend who Cain married, as stated in Genesis 4:17. During a Valentine's Day post, posed the query.

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Many of Sonnie Badu's fans think that because he studied theology, he is certain to know the solution; hence, it is unclear why he is asking the question of his audience.

He asked:

who did this to us? Where is the hidden mysteries? So Cain married? Ok, what is his wife's name? Who are her parents? I thought it was just Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel .. Then Abel died so Cain was left … I have questions…. Can scholars help me please? Happy valentine on behalf of Cain to his wife“.

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