Producer Kaywa

The hypocrisy at God's worship center is becoming too much, and this is what highly spiritual music boss Kaywa has tackled in her latest interview.

said on Takoradi's Connect FM that it is hypocritical for society to disapprove of secular music while accepting other secular professions. He was speaking about the challenges he faces balancing his work as a sound engineer with his responsibilities as an ordained preacher.

“I frequently state that I may contrast my position with that of a physician, a politician, or a lawyer. I wouldn't describe my current situation as difficult. If you perform secular music, you are not welcomed into the church; nevertheless, if you work in a secular profession, such as medicine, you are given a front-row seat.

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A lawyer can represent a thief in court, and the church will welcome him. The church, however, is opposed to love song recordings made by musicians. Unfortunately, it.

“The gospel ministry does not conflict with 's love for his work,” he continued. It should be added that it's not wrong to carry out the Lord's work by assisting others in their musical careers.