Evangelist Mama Pat

Former chief priestess Agradaa, now known as , did the unimaginable once more when she was seen smacking one of her church members in a viral video while allegedly granting him deliverance.

Agradaa was seen in the aforementioned video, which was posted on Ghana Page, dishing out some scorching brutality to the man who was her main singer because, in her opinion, he was shouting excessively rather than singing.

The man bowed before Agradaa, who allegedly said that he was experiencing a spiritual mental attack. She then poured some anointing oil on him. She then gave him a firm slap on his right while saying, “I'm sorry,” and tapping his cheeks twice more.

“Take the microphone from him. Go and sit down. How can you be screaming all over the place? Come and let me pray for you. Your head is looking like a cow in a spiritual realm. Every spiritual madness should leave your body now” she added.

Watch the video below


sOURCE: Dklassgh.Com