Terry Bonchaka
Terry Bonchaka

The late musician Terrence Nii Okang Mensah Adjetey, better known as Terry Bonchaka, would have won a Grammy for Ghana if he had been alive, according to King Ayisoba’s former manager.

The young singer died in a tragic accident 18 years ago while returning after a concert at the University of Ghana Legon.

Terry Bonchaka is remembered for his wonderful music and great performance 18 years after his death. Reagan Mends, the artist’s manager, spoke about the artist during a phone interview on Onua FM’s entertainment show. He predicted that the vocalist of “Pulele” had a chance to win the worldwide prize “Grammies.”

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“After Terry Bonchaka’s death, I became King Ayisoba’s manager, and Ayisoba rose to popularity.” In 2007, a traditional performer won the overall Artist of the Year in Ghana Music Award for the first time. It’d never occurred before. “I felt I would have won Grammys with Terry Bonchaka if he had been alive,” he remarked.

“Because he possessed all the attributes an Artist requires except for being well-educated,” he said. One of the problems that limited Ayisoba’s international reach was this.”

“Ayisoba is illiterate,” says the former manager. As a result, he doesn’t grasp some things, which is partly due to his illiteracy. Terry Bonchaka was a true artist in every sense of the word. “He’s got it all,” he added.

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