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Mickey Cottrell  Net Worth: Was Mickey Cottrell Rich?



Mickey Cottrell

was an American cinema publicist, independent producer, and occasionally actor. He was born Richard Edward Cottrell on September 4, 1944. His contributions to Ed Wood, Volcano, and My Own Private Idaho made him well-known.

Cottrell also appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. Born in Springfield, IL, he attended the University of Arkansas and spent over 30 years in the film and PR industries. He co-owned firms like Inclusive PR, representing various movies and artists, including supporting director Philip Noyce. Cottrell was known for his storytelling and love for movies, and his colleagues praised his passion for his work. He believed that the public should reflect pure enthusiasm and joy, not just be a sales tool. was a well-respected actor who significantly contributed to the Hollywood entertainment industry. Cottrell became known for his contributions to various films such as “My Own Private Idaho”, and “Volcano”. and “Ed Wood.”

The Star's career spanned several decades. Moreover, he showed his talent and involvement in diverse projects.

Beyond his on-screen roles, The actor's impact extended to the realm of publicity. He lent his expertise to promote numerous films. Additionally, The Legend demonstrated a multifaceted skill set within the movie industry.

Sadly, Mickey passed away on January 1, 2024, in Woodland Hills, California, leaving behind a legacy of work that showed his dedication and versatility in the entertainment world.

His presence in movies like “My Own Private Idaho” alongside River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves exemplified his ability to adapt to various roles.

Additionally, The Entertainer contributed to the success and diversity of the films. His work as a publicist for numerous movies highlighted his behind-the-scene contributions to the film industry.

Mickey Cottrell  Net Worth: Was Mickey Cottrell Rich?

At his time of passing, Renowned American Hollywood film publicist Mickey Cottrell's net worth was around $10 million.



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