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Scholarships for Music Majors in 2023: Financial Opportunities to Enhance Your Skills



Scholarships for Music Education Majors

Music scholarships help to alleviate the financial obligations that individuals incur when pursuing higher education. The awards are given to talented and hardworking students studying performing arts, especially music and instrumentalists. Getting these offers is a huge privilege that many individuals wish to have. 

If you’re looking for ways or a place to nurture or improve your music skills, our list of top musical scholarships will help you get a high-quality education and achieve your career goals.

How to Get Scholarships for Music Education Majors

Check out some of the most effective approaches to help you secure a music scholarship in 2023.

  1. Strive to be the best

The top secret to increase your chances of securing a scholarship is giving your best. Everyone applying for financial aid is probably doing everything within their means to snatch the opportunity. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, it’s always a good idea to work harder. 

  1. Focus on your strengths

Every scholarship opportunity you apply for has many other interested candidates. Since you’re competing with other individuals with different skills and abilities, you should focus on your strengths to stand out from the rest. 

  1. Apply for many opportunities

The more scholarships you apply for, the higher your chances of being selected. Some offers have a strict eligibility criterion, while others have simple and straightforward guidelines and requirements. So, it would be best to apply for as many awards as possible.

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Top Scholarships for Music Majors 2023

Check out our compilation of music majors scholarships with new opportunities in 2023.

1. Mario Lanza Institute Scholarship

Mario Lanza Institute offers one of the best scholarships for music majors. The offer varies between $1,000 to $2,500. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be aged 21 to 28. In addition, you should have a music or vocal background.

In its 61 years of existence, Mario Lanza Institute has helped more than 200 aspiring singers from the United States and other foreign countries. If you’re seeking a place to help lay the foundation for your career in music, particularly vocal performance, this is your ideal opportunity. 

2. MusicFest Canada Scholarship

MusicFest Canada Scholarship has helped improve the Canadian music industry by providing financial support to high school students interested in pursuing jazz careers. The program aims to motivate the younger generation of composers and vocalists to enhance their creativity and ideas by rewarding efforts for exceptional compositions. In addition, it intends to improve the participants’ professional potential.  Besides helping students acquire tips and knowledge to enhance their music performance, this initiative offers publishing and mentorship opportunities for professional growth.

3. YoungArts

YoungArts is one of the most supportive music scholarships for youths. The program, supported by the National YoungArts Foundation, offers financial support amounting to $10,000. To be eligible for this scholarship, one must be a dedicated performing artist between 15 and 18 years. The initiative also helps individuals to get unique mentorship from some of the most accomplished artists in the music industry. So, if you’re looking for ways to navigate a career in theater arts, this is an ideal opportunity to get you started. 

4. Taylor Swift 1989 Scholarship

Taylor Swift 1989 is one of the popular music scholarships for non music majors. The program aims to make higher education more affordable and accessible to students as they prepare for their careers. The good thing about this scholarship is that it doesn’t have a strict eligibility criterion; all learners are eligible.

5. Alys Robinson Stephens Scholarship

The scholarship, worth $1,000, is offered by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It was mainly established to help high school students planning to enroll in the institution. To be eligible for the prestigious Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts award program, one must be a high school graduate with exceptional academic results.

6. Arkansas State University Band Scholarships

Arkansas State University offers one of the best band scholarships for music students; the program is considered the most sought-after opportunity in Mid-South. All eligible students, whether music or non-music majors, receive financial aid worth $5,000 annually.

Students interested in the offer must complete and submit the A-State Music Audition & Scholarship application form to schedule a day for their audition. In addition, the university offers instrumental scholarship opportunities for learners who play in Basketball Pep Bands. 

7. The Violin Society of America (VSA) Scholarship program

The VSA offers violin scholarships for qualifying students in the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada. The program targets learners who’ve mastered the art of bow making and violin. To be eligible, you must have completed at least one academic year in the learning program and have financial need. Furthermore, you must have shown interest in music compositions, orchestra, serious effort, future promise, and talent.

8. The Miranda Scholarship

The Miranda Scholarship is a Rhode Island College program that supports undergraduate students pursuing performing arts. The offer ranges between $3000 and $ 5,000. The award mainly targets college juniors and seniors passionate about theater, dance, and music composition.

9. CollegeXpress No-Essay Scholarship for Piano

If you’re looking for a learning experience to nurture your skills in performing arts, CollegeXpress is your ideal solution. The CampusReel program, ranked among the best and easily accessible piano scholarships, offers students financial assistance in pursuit of their music careers. Learners who register with CampusReel automatically enroll in the $1000 scholarship, which doesn’t require them to show their writing skills. 

10. College of Wooster Music Scholarships

College of Wooster is among the popular learning institutions offering singing scholarships in 2023. The offer is awarded to first-year students enrolling in the university based on their music performance skills. Interested candidates are expected to attend the auditions and an introductory session hosted before the auditions.

Discover your potential with scholarship opportunities

Pursuing a college degree can be costly for most individuals. Unlike psychology, law, nursing, and business students, music majors incur additional expenses like purchasing instruments, repairs, and regular maintenance. Luckily, the best high school seniors with exceptional academic results can get financial support from university scholarships and other aids offered by institutions of higher learning. This report has outlined top scholarships for music education that can help scholars achieve their goals and tips to increase the chances of securing one. Hopefully, it will help you jumpstart your career.   


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