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What are Jelly Roll’s most famous songs?



Jelly Roll

What are 's most famous songs? – , born Jason DeFord on December 4, 1984, is an American songwriter and performer best known for his work with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, and Ryan Upchurch. He received three CMT awards on April 2, 2023, adding to his growing list of honors.

One of Jelly Roll‘s most successful collaborations was “Pop Another Pill” with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte, which has garnered over 6.3 million views on YouTube. This led to the release of the album Year Round by the hip-hop group SNO, produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J and released on the Hypnotize Minds label in April 2011. The song “Come Here White Girl” from the album was recognized as one of “The 10 Most Memorable White Rapper Collaborations” by XXL.

Jelly Roll has released numerous mixtapes, including the Gamblin' on a Whiteboy series and the Therapeutic Music series. He debuted his first solo studio album, The Big Sal Story, independently in October 2012. He has also collaborated with Haystak on two albums, Lil Wyte on two albums, Struggle Jennings on four albums, and BPZ and Lil Wyte as part of the group SNO, among other collaborations.

In 2013, Jelly Roll released a mixtape titled Whiskey, Weed, & Women, which was initially titled Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House. However, the restaurant chain threatened legal action due to the use of their name and logo on the cover. Consequently, his changed the cover to feature a “cease and desist” stamp in place of the Waffle House logo.

His music is known for its poignant and introspective lyrics that explore his personal experiences, including his struggles with addiction, mental health, and family relationships. His music often blends elements of hip-hop, country, rock, and blues, showcasing his versatility as an artist. He has also been vocal about his support for mental health awareness and addiction recovery, using his platform to advocate for these causes.

His success in the music industry is a testament to his talent, hard work, and perseverance. He has built a loyal following of fans who connect with his music on a personal level, and his collaborations with other artists have helped to expand his reach and impact. With his unique blend of genres and his honest and vulnerable lyrics, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

What are Jelly Roll's most famous songs?

Jelly Roll is an American rapper and singer-songwriter who has gained significant recognition for his unique blend of country, rock, and hip-hop. He has released several albums and mixtapes throughout his career and has collaborated with various artists, earning him a loyal fan base. Here are some of his most famous songs:

  1. “Save Me”: This song was released in 2013 as part of Jelly Roll's mixtape titled “The Big Sal Story.” It features emotional lyrics about his struggles with addiction and his desire to overcome them.
  2. “Creature”: Released in 2017 as part of his album “Addiction Kills,” this song has a catchy chorus and features lyrics about embracing your inner demons.
  3. “Wheels Fall Off”: This song was released in 2018 and has become one of Jelly Roll's most popular tracks. It features a powerful message about staying true to oneself, even in the face of adversity.
  4. “I Need You”: Released in 2019, this song features Jelly Roll's signature blend of country, rock, and hip-hop. It features heartfelt lyrics about the importance of friendship and support.
  5. “Better Off Alone”: Released in 2020, this song features a slower tempo and a more introspective tone. It discusses the difficulty of letting go of someone you love and the pain that comes with it.
  6. “Nothing Left at All”: This song was released in 2021 as part of Jelly Roll's album “House Arrest Tapes.” It features a haunting melody and lyrics about the challenges of living with addiction.

Overall, Jelly Roll's music is known for its emotional depth and relatable lyrics. His unique blend of country, rock, and hip-hop has earned him a loyal fan base and has made him one of the most recognizable voices in the genre.

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