Erika Canela, the current Miss Bumbum queen, has gotten the face of US president-elect, Donald Trump tattooed on her back.

Recall that the 20-year-old stunning Erika Canela became the queen on November 8 – the same day Trump won the US elections. Hoping that Trump will change his view on women, Erika admitted she finds the 70-year-old Trump “strangely attractive”.

Explaining why she permanently tattooed Trump's face on her body, Erika said:

“I'm a big fan of his. People say ‘you are crazy', but a lot of people liked it too. I think it's different, I love it! He is the perfect man, he has built an empire and is pre-destined for greatness. He doesn't drink, he says what he thinks, and those are qualities I admire. I thought it would be fun to get the tattoo.”

See more photos below:

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