Based on talks and encounters with friends and colleagues outside the nation, 3 Network boss Abu Sadiq has stated that Ghanaian music is the African music that will take over the globe.

Abu Sadiq is doing a great job for Ghana’s music business, and despite the fact that most people are disappointed that the music isn’t moving outside the nation, he appears to have optimism for us, claiming that our music will be the next African song to take over the globe.

According to him, Ghana is clearly high on the agendas of many worldwide media, music, and entertainment organizations this year, and it increasingly appears that our prominence as a tourist destination in recent years is set to drive something different for us. 

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Abu Sadiq went on to say that, based on his talks and contacts with some of his foreign friends and colleagues in the industry, there appears to be widespread anticipation that the next worldwide music superstar will emerge from Ghana.

He then went on to say, “Looking at our industry, we have a lot of potential and can get more than one star from Ghana, and it will be something extremely worthy of jubilation since our musicians are performing really well.”


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