The absence of suitable procedures in the management of most Ghanaian musicians, according to award-winning Ghanaian producer Posigee, actual name Mohammed Alhassan, has hampered their advancement in the music business.

Most artiste managers, according to the highly regarded sound engineer and philanthropist, lack the managerial abilities necessary to effectively manage their music talent, falling short of the business component of entertainment.

“Well, most managers don’t market the performers effectively,” Possigee stated in an interview with GNA Entertainment. There is no formula for the type of work we undertake. As long as there is no formula, most managers begin their careers with little or no knowledge of artist management, forcing them to learn on the job, which can be detrimental to the artiste’s development. “

On the other hand, he criticized certain DJs for failing to help local artists grow and prosper while receiving large quantities of money from their management.

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