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Daniel Regha criticizes Victony’s new single



Daniel Regha criticizes Victony’s new single
  • Daniel Regha claims that the song is the worst Afrobeat collaboration of 2023.
  • He recommended that people shouldn’t waste their time listening to it 
  • The Twitter critic claims that the message sent by Afrobeat is more important than it’s nice beats and rhythms.

Twitter critic, Daniel Regha in his scathing critique of Victony’s latest album, argues that Afrobeat encompasses far more than just catchy beats and rhythms.

Regha delved into the heart and essence of the genre, emphasizing its rich heritage and powerful narratives.

Daniel described Victony’s new album, Ohema, as disappointing, stating that it is the worst Afrobeat collaboration of 2023, He suggested that those who haven’t listened to the music yet forego it.

According to Daniel Regha, Afrobeat would have long since passed out if older musicians had produced the type of song the younger musicians are now creating.

He argued that the significance of the message conveyed by Afrobeat transcends its appealing beats and rhythms.

In his words:

Victony’s new single “Ohema” is greatly disappointing, it’s by far the worst afrobeats collab of 2023; A whole 14 artistes in one song, but couldn’t come up with a better theme or reasonable lyrics. He should’ve done something similar to “We Are the World” ft many artistes. The song is a must skip for anyone who hasn’t streamed.

“If older artistes produced the type of songs this New-generation musicians are making, afrobeats would’ve been dead on arrival; Afrobeats is more than a catchy beat & rhymes, the msg being passed across is equally very important. These new artistes are talented but lack songwriting skills, & are all doing the same thing (literally). If we take away the massive PRs or streaming platforms, majority of their songs won’t surpass 24hrs in the spotlight. Their audience need to start telling ’em the truth.”

In another story Daniel Regha gives review on Shallipopi’s album, stating that “his album is for yahoo boys and weed smokers”

Daniel voiced his opinion in a controversial tweet that Shallipopi’s debut album, “Presido La Pluto,” was aimed for marijuana users and “Yahoo boys.”

Regha declared the lyrical substance of the record to be “a complete zero,” even though he agreed that the record had some amazing beats.

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