Hiplife artiste cum pastor, Isaac Okai who is widely known as Yaw Siki has claimed that women wearing trousers is demonic.

The Holy Spirit, he claims, would not lead women to wear pants, because it is not from God.

As he told ladies to ‘dress’ properly, he added that the devil is using it to spread His sexual immoral agenda.

He tweeted;

“The Holy Spirit we have in Jesus Christ will not lead women to wear trousers, it is not from God; The devil is using it to promote His sexual immoral agenda; please put it aside and dress to cover your body well.

Be blessed”

However, social media users who disagree with him have slammed him in the comments section on social media. Have a look at some of the responses;

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@adjotamakloe – Please its in the bible, practice it and stop arguing with him. Or are you no longer interested in following Gods word??

@OKCephas – Bra pls, stop it. In the past men wore skirts and now ladies wear it. Does it make it avenue for sexual immorality?
If it covers the body then what is the problem?

@familee_guy – This matter again?.
A Senior Lady Pastor travelled during winter with skirts. 24hrs later she had no choice than to switch to Trousers.
There’s nothing wrong with Trousers…
Y’all stop making christianity look rigid abeg

@AdwoaMansa2 – Do some serious research if u really wanna be a bible teacher.. stop deceiving people. Who introduced that shirt and trousers u are wearing? When did we start wearing them? Did Jesus wear trousers and top? Were the Israelites wearing trousers n top?

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@QveenRama – But sofo trousers no it’s not our culture o. It’s a borrowed culture. Africa di3 anka ntoma o

@groovyboy_c – Thus how far they have brainwashed a promising young talented black dude. Did God create any clothes? Shouldn’t be wearing clothes at all cos that’s a big sin also. Shouldn’t drive, shouldn’t eat burger cos God didn’t make non. When you go to paradise you can order for some


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