, the Nigerian artist best known for his famous song Zazu Zeh, has claimed that certain nameless members of a cult want his life.

The rising star, who goes by the name Habeeb Okikiola in the government, identified a guy named Ijomode Yusuf as the initiator.

According to him, he was persuaded to join the cult by the promise of a trip to Dubai and the opportunity to meet celebrities such as Fuji star Wasiu Alabi Pasuma.

“They want to murder me.” They gave me seven days and continue to scare me on a daily basis. Ijomode Yusuf of Owode, Ogun state, is the one who sent them. said in a now-viral video, “He’s the one that made me join the cult.”

He said he’d introduce me to Pasuma and IBD Dende, Abu Abel, and others. He further stated that he would transport me to Dubai and provide me with money. When I walked out of his residence, he got me an iPhone and then accused me of stealing it, said.

Meanwhile, Lagos Police Commissioner Abiodun Alabi claims that his department is uninformed of ’s charges and admission of being a member of a cult.

Source: Dklassgh.com