Cheddar, the successful businessman from Ghana, has admitted that he has never in his life taken out a loan. Freedom Jacob Ceaser said that he always managed to avoid him in order to generate money to support his ventures.

The 42-year-old, who made his first million pounds at age 21, claims he only ever took out one loan from the World Bank, and it wasn't for a cash emergency.

, who spoke with Samuel Leeds, a billionaire real estate instructor and YouTuber based in the UK, said that he took money from the World Bank in order to raise his reputation.

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“I've never taken out a loan outside of the World Bank.” I just went there to borrow money because I wanted their badge. I wanted to show that I had worked with the World Bank so that if any bank or other financial organization checked my track record of accomplishments and things I had done, at least that was true. “All I wanted was that,” he said.

He described how he earns money to finance his ventures, saying “but from the beginning, I've always utilized crowdfunding. I have used the things that I sell a property, then I turn it into two, I turn it into four, and I risk it for a JV that I do more than I sell, then I turn around and do it again.”