Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has now revealed why he continuously yells about everything he receives, claiming that he began from nothing and so shouts anytime he gets something.

Medikal is one of those public personalities that flaunts and brags about all they’ve accomplished in life, putting pressure on others to do the same or more than he has, and now we know why.

Medikal claims that he comes from nothing like the rest of us, therefore whatever he gets he yells about, which is why he has been yelling about everything he receives in life, putting people under pressure they can’t handle.

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Medikal is doing very well for himself and his family today, but his humble beginnings should not be used as a reason to gloat about everything he has, since there are some things that would have been better left hidden.

We may claim Medikal is one of Ghana’s wealthiest singers based on what he has been flaunting on social media, but we don’t know if he makes all of his money from music or if he has other enterprises that provide him with more revenue than music.


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