Hajia Bintu

 Biography; Age, Education, Net Worth & Source Of Income.

Although she is largely known by her social media moniker, Hajia Bintu, the young damsel’s real name is Naomi Asiamah.

Talking about TikTok without the mention of a Ghanaian model, Hajia Bintu, will not be complete. Many people have used the platform to their advantage and Hajia Bintu is no exception.

This short write-up will discuss the TikTok star, show how She rose to fame and how Hajia Bintu has been able to take advantage of social media to become self-dependent. So, our focus is Hajia Bintu Biography.

She is a TikTok star popularly recognized for her TikTok videos and her curvaceous body.

The Ghanaian socialite is an expert when it comes to twerking. Her videos are all over the place – absolutely everyone has seen one of these videos.

Hajia Bintu is currently a student at the Koforidua Technical University, studying hospitality.

Her real age has yet not been confirmed but it is said that the beautiful lady is 22-years-old.

Her source of income has to do with a delivery service that she runs – NAKOS Collection.

Who Is Hajia Bintu

Known in real life as Nana Asiamah Naomi is a Ghanaian TikTok and Instagram influencer who rose to fame through social media. She was born on November 30th, but her actual year of born isn’t available now. That is, she usually celebrates her birthday on November 30th— but she hasn’t disclosed her year of birth yet. We envisage Hajia could be in her early 20s.

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The beautiful social media influencer attained a degree from Koforidua Technical University where she studied Hospitality. However, information about her early life education isn’t known yet.

Much information isn’t known about her parents. We do not know her father, however, she once posted her mother on her social media handle. But, she did not tell her name. She is almost reserved when it comes to family issues.

Naomi became known in Ghana when she started posting her videos online and on social media. Her TikTok videos were highly consumed due to her stature —and how curvaceous she is. Hajia gained attention with her videos when one of the videos went viral. She started to gain many followers on social media— and has subsequently grown to become a brand.

Did Hajia Bintu Do Surgery?

Many people have accused and raised concerns that Haji has gone under the knife just like Moesha Buodong. But, nobody has been able to provide clear evidence to the allegations. The concerns have been because of her past photos that show how swiftly she has been transformed recently.

Haji has also clarified these rumors, she had claimed her assets are natural. She keeps posting photos of her High School days to address this public speculation and to prove her natural curves.

Therefore, as of now, no one can ascertain the claims that Naomi went under the knife.

Haji Bintu Body Measurement and Structure

The Ghanaian TikTok star is chocolate in complexion. She has dark hair, a pointed nose, and black eyes.

She weighs 57 kilograms, 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her hips Size is approximately 36 inches wide.

What Is Hajia Bintu Net Worth?

Hajia Bintu Makes money from several sources on the internet. She makes money by advertising products on her platforms. She also makes money from her TikTok videos. Naomi features in Videos and earns royalties. Hajia has signed several deals with online businesses where she has made some cool cash.

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However, despite her perchance of making money online, we do not have her net worth. She recently bought a car where.  she has been cruising in town.

Hajia signed a deal on 4th September 2021 with two online beauty, cosmetic, and personal care brands, Giselle Reed Diffuser and Martin Lion Ghana.

Is Hajia Married?

Hajia is currently not married. She is very secretive when it comes to her relationship issues. There have been rumors that she is dating but— she has not had a word about it or disclosed the identity of the man.

she is not married —but the truth is, she is currently dating.

Hajia Bintu Social Media Presence

The Ghanaian TikTok star and brand influencer, Hajia Bintu, is very famous on social media.

Almost all her handles are verified with blue tick. Her social media platforms define her brand. She has over one million active followers on Instagram, Over 65 000 on Twitter, and more than one million on TikTok. Her videos are enticing and so, her followers are always happy.

Hajia Bintu On Social Media

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