Deloris Frimpong Manso, the well-known media figure, has pleaded with single people to avoid having a dull Valentine's Day.

She said these things while outlining the goals she has set for herself on this unique day.

Numerous celebrities from Ghana have filled social media timelines with images and videos of their relationships, along with elaborate tributes.

Others have uploaded images of themselves wearing red clothing and emphasizing their daily plans.

But , who has refused to accept the status quo, has gone to social media to encourage unmarried men and women.

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“We have started a WhatsApp group for individuals who are single and those who are not married, and I am the administrator.” We are single and have come to terms with it. Not that we won't commemorate Valentine's Day in any case.

I've placed an order for flowers for myself, along with a letter that says, “From Deloris to Deloris,” since I cherish myself. Who will love me if I don't love myself? You must also love yourself in order to buy treats for yourself on Valentine's Day, such as shoes or cakes. Treat yourself. “As for me, I treat myself,” she insisted.

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